Sunday, October 10, 2010


Lately I have spent a fraction of my time to observe the my own species in a broad perspective. I have seen and observe that we are still a very young species. Into existence only 200,000 years ago and reaching full behavioral maturity 50,000 years ago, we are indeed a very young species.

Taxonomically advance than any other species in the world by only the placement of our thumbs and our brain. Human are indeed are indeed still at the first few steps of knowledge. There are myriad of knowledge that we are still have yet to discover.

To show how shallow we have yet to understand biology, I can say that we only learned the ABC's of biology but we are still yet to learn the next alphabets in line.

By understanding physics and chemistry allow us to create mechanical wonder works and much more. Creating the technology as our aid for any task required. Despite of that fact, we are indeed at an early stage after all. We only learn of how to use and work within the limits of physics law. Manipulating and combining the endless potential of physics with biology are the next best thing to bet on creating the next phase of human civilization.

The are multiple discipline of science that we are still have to venture upon. The science of the human mind is one of the example. We need to further develop the understanding of our mind and the potential it can provide even at the slightest advancement. We have only to increase our usage of our brain to a merely 10%. The exceptional ones that drove our civilization are performing at peak of 12%-13%.

Imagine if we could push the usage of our brain to just a mere 20%. We will advance almost 100 years in the future.

There are another thing that we must kept our minds onto. The 1st law of energy theory, Energy cannot be destroy nor being eliminated. Energy will always transform itself to any other kind. Not by consciousness nor acknowledgement but by the law of energy itself. Energy cannot be destroyed only transform into another kind.

Human death are a process of transforming the energy. But of what kind?

There are still potential of living for the human race. But it is for us to decide, and up to Allah to elect His own special messenger.

"The commandment of Allah will come to pass, so seek not ye to hasten it. Glorified and Exalted be He above all that they associate (with Him)" Surah An-Nahl:1

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