Monday, October 29, 2007

And Then There Were One...

Life so unpredictable...

What you wish happened in you life sometimes does not happened at all. Life is just full of surprises. I too, was blessed with this indifinite terms of coincidence. Well, for years, I certainly does not play with dice and certainly everything in life that happened before, happened now and will happen in the future is but an echo from what i did in the past. God has special way of putting our life in line and order. Sometimes the facts are much more fun and interesting than the fiction.

The 'Butterfly Effect' theory.

Do you believe it? One flap of a butterfly wing in California can cause a tornado in New Jersey. A thought that no one can believe of it at first. But everything in life is connected. The earth and the plant, the water and the air, the life and the death, the night and the day, and perhaps even you and me. We see ourselves as different individuals, but yet we live in the same system. A system that has been laid in front of us for eternity.

Is that mean we are bound by destiny?

Destiny, It's a big word to swallow by some of us. But remember, if a destiny is foretold before us, it will no longer be a destiny. A destiny must not be known before hand. It is for us to explore the possibility of our own ability. A man must know that he is for a purpose. If less, than he is no longer alive in a sense. I want my life to be with a meaning. I want my life to be alive.

And to fulfill that, i must live my life today that will lead me there. I cant do nothing to forge the future out of my own mind into a reality. The best i can do for now is to use the information that i have now to make the best decisions both for myself and others. What we do in life echoes for eternity.

For life is too unpredictable.

And in chaos, there is order